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O2 Data Sim

10GB data SIM on O2

£20.00 / month

Yealink Handsets

Yealink w52p

£25.00 / month

O2 Data Sim

20GB data SIM on O2

£25.00 / month

Yealink Handsets

Yealink T56A

£50.00 / month

VodaFone Data Sim

2GB data SIM on Vodafone

£10.00 / month

O2 Data Sim

40GB data SIM on O2

£38.00 / month

Yealink Handsets

Yealink T58V


Cloud9ine Multinet Data Sim

100MB Cloud9ine Multi-network UK & EU SIM

£6.99 / month

Mobile Data

2GB data SIMs on 02

£10.00 / month

What is the cloud?

Cloud brings all of the features you know and love from an on-premise phone system and delivers them through the cloud. Cloud PBX is tailored to deliver reliable and simple communications to your desktop from our highly secure and resilient data centres. This means we manage the phone system for you and you just use the handset, web portal or applications to access everything you need when you need it.

Experience Enhanced Security

As all of your data is held securely off-site at dedicated data centres with our CCTV cloud storage solutions; there is no risk of anybody trying to destroy the evidence after committing a crime on your property. Cloud Security also comes with advanced video analytics, which notify you with instant alerts as soon as there is anything suspicious on your property. This allows security to concentrate on their job, rather than just monitoring CCTV footage.